Lenovo Yoga Laptop

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Sponsored by: Avi Schmied
The Lenovo 10.1" Yoga Book Multi-Touch 2-in-1 Notebook is a Windows 10 Home system that doubles your creative experience with a 10.1" IPS touchscreen and a Create Pad surface, so you can take notes during brainstorming sessions as well as create detailed sketches while taking a break.

The Create Pad surface functions as a Halo keyboard or a Wacom digitizer, which you can use to capture hand-written notes using the included Book Pad clipboard and Real Pen. The Halo keyboard lights up when in use, giving you a clear view the "keys" while typing out reports, and can shut off to provide a flat, touch-sensitive surface, offering 2,048 levels of pressure, to draw on.

Sponsored by Avi Schmied